Thursday, October 31, 2019

Garage Door Cables, Garage Door Opener and Garage Door Motor Repair

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Garage Door Cables

These are wire strands that bend and then twist and bend to produce cables strong enough to lift the garage door. Garage cables are the element that actually carry the door load when opening and closing. Many things go with the power rating for garage door cables. First the wires themselves are usually made of aircraft aluminum or stainless steel to reduce corrosion on wires. Next is the number of individual wires in each strand and finally the number of strands in each bundle. The heavier the garage door, the stronger the cable. Garage door cables have a loop at one end that attaches to the bottom of the garage door bracket and opposite there will be a stop and sometimes a slide stop glued to the drums (for systems spring of torsion). Loops can be simple open loops, loops with spools, or loops with a thimble.

In the spring torsion system, the cable loop sets a stud on the bottom bracket on each side of the garage door. Then the cable runs up the garage door height and stop the stop or slide if it is presented by the drum. As the door goes up, the cable turns around the drum and as the door closes, the cable releases the drum.
In the extension suspension system, the loop attaches to the pin on the lower bracket on either side of the garage door and threads up the height of the garage door and through a pulley system that attaches to the extension spring. The cable sticks to the open end again to the door of the garage. The other end of the extension spring attaches to a hook at the bar near the ceiling.

Garage Door Opener

These are systems that are used in opening the garage door and they include:
The Belt Drive: The garage door opener is incredibly quiet when in use, which makes it your choice if your garage is located near a bedroom or shared apartment. It needs regular maintenance to make sure it works properly, but as long as the rubber belt is reinforced in steel and rigorous, you should have no problems.
The Chain Drive: Chain drive garage door openers are much noisier than belt drive counterparts, but are great if you have a limited budget. They are reliable and do not require much maintenance as long as the chain is kept clean and lubricated. They are perfect for lifting lightweight aluminum doors, but may have some problems with heavier doors.
The Smart Opener: If you want to make sure that you can move your garage door from anywhere, then you will want to choose the smart type that can fit into the app on your smartphone. This will allow you to make sure the door is closed when you are not at home or open it when it is near your house. Alternatively, you can set the device to notify you when your door opens and closes.

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